Corona X Parley Project with FRANK SOLOMON


We are incredibly excited for the Corona X Parley crew to join us to film our Litterboom Project! We believe that our Litterboom system is a cost effective and efficient way to help alleviate the huge amount of rubbish that comes through the Umgeni River System, by recycling PETE and HDPE. We hope that with this additional exposure, we will be able to catch the attention of the private sector to assist in this social responsibility project, in partnership with Durban Green Corridor and MyTrails.


BVL Trails

Our latest  trail development project takes us into the heart of Zululand, to South Africa’s newest game reserve- Babanango Game Reserve- a significant 25000HA piece of land with endless trail riding possibilities. Rough and rocky, XC, marathon riding, e-bikes, it literally has something for everyone and with breathtaking landscapes in all directions!